Quality Assurance

A quality system service provider for a lifetime partnership. To be the country's leader in, "CONSUMER PUBLIC" by partnering directly with the consuming public in stablishing selfloading opportunity and other Global Competent Products.

Service Oriented

A duly registered company under the Philippine law providing genuine technology that could convert instantly an ORDINARY SIM CARD into an EXTRAORDINARY ONE in the sense that once a SIM CARD is registered in our system, it automatically has the capability to access all types of over the air PREPAID LOAD PRODUCTS.


Mobile phone play a very important role in our live nowadays. However,we all know that it is useless without spending on load mostly PREPAID LOAD every now and then. In fact,almost every family member spend so.much load. It is the very eason why our country is considered,"THE TEXT CAPITAL OF THE WORLD",now the most DATA USERS USERS among countries.


We are a team who's mission to provide an opportunity of selfloading providing a lucrative and a simple innovative career every old and millennial business partner. This business is very suitable to every young Filipino entrepreneurs that are very much willing to start a profitable career.